You can submit three (3) kinds of feedback online: inquiry, complaint, and commendation. These can revolve on the different public services offered by a city such as health, support to education, social welfare, governance and response, public works and infrastructure, environmental management, agriculture, and tourism.

At the moment we are pilot testing e-Watch in 5 LGUs to determine the feasibility of implementing it to a wider scale. Feedback addressed to non-pilot LGUs will still be entertained. However, since non-pilot LGUs do not have e-Watch accounts, the feedback will undergo the usual process being undertaken by the DILG Public Assistance and Complaint Center.

We value your feedback and we want to respond to it the best way we can. In giving feedback, we require you to register in our website. You are given the freedom to choose your username but we encourage you to provide us with the necessary contact details so we can inform you on the status of your concern.

The administrator only edits the format but not content of your feedback. This is the reason why you cannot immediately view your feedback after you have submitted it to us. We also review incoming feedback to filter posts (e.g. spam posts) that do not meet the objectives of this website.

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