From: Juliefe87    |    Addressed to: CEBU CITY

I would like to complain the lack of the enforcement of RA 6675 or the Generics Act of 1988. Based from our experience m ajority if not all of the physicians here in Cebu are not following the law which states All medical dental and veterinary practitioners including private practitioners shall write prescriptions using the generic name. What is the government doing to enforce the said law Doctors are prescribing very expensive brands when there are cheaper equivalents of such. They dont even specify the generic name of these medicines. Some pharmacies dont let us buy the generic drugs alleging that we should buy the brands specified by the doctors in the prescription.


City Government of Cebu

October 05 2016 09:47 am

Hi Juliefe87, thank you for using the E-watch platform and sending your concern. We all know that creating laws and implementing it are two entirely different matters at hand, to be safe let us not generalize all medical practitioners in Cebu. Maybe there are those who violate the RA 6675 but we need also a solid proof and evidences before we can lodge and file a formal complaint to a specific erring medical practitioner. Anyhow, we will also inform and elevate this to the concerned offices and the right authority for their immediate action on this alleged deviation.

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