From: Archangel    |    Addressed to: CEBU CITY

Good day First I would like to commend the Cebu City gov for providing this web based platform that caters every citizens concern more quickly. My inquiry is regarding the availability of the monthly honorarium of the fire volunteers in Lorega of which in has been 8 months delayed. If it will be provided or not we would like to know. . This is in lieu of the concerned party of the notion that other fire volunteers of other barangays already have their share. Your response will be our great privilege. Thank you..


City Government of Cebu

October 27 2016 06:37 pm

Hi Archangel, please submit your accomplishment reports to the Cebu City Public Information Office located in the Ground Floor of Legislative Building in Cebu City Hall and look for Mr. Greggy Senados. We will be glad to help you process the honorarium of P3,000 per month. The honorarium is only good up to June 2016 because there is no budget for the honorarium from July to December this year. However, it is already included in the proposed budget next year. But there is a requirement set by the new head of Cebu City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office - which is for all fire volunteers to secure training certificate from the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP). There will be mandatory trainings next year for fire fighting. Only those who undergo trainings can receive honorarium. Thanks and God Bless.

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