From: DimpleBacus    |    Addressed to: CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY

Hello. It has been a little bit more than a decade since the construction of the roads in Taguanao Indahag Cagayan de Oro City has started. The roads were concreted and the International Convention Center was created. I was 4 years old back then now I have reached the age of majority but the International Convention Center is still not yet finished. The International Convention Center if finished could be a good venue of concerts and conventions because it is a big place that could hold a big number of people. Right now the International Convention Center serves as the place serves where people who live nearby dry their clothes. It is a waste to see that what was once a magnificent plan of the government go to waste. With the International Convention Center it could yield more income for the city and rise the influx of people to the city and could pretty much help the citys economy. The roads were concreted in Taguanao because of the International Convention Center and it really helped to ease the lives of the residents therein cutting the travel time in going to and from the city proper and along with it is also the creation of canals but these canals were not finished. This has caused a lot of problems in the neighborhood especially during the rainy season water would be stuck in the road and most of the water would flood the houses in the lowlying areas. I hope that the construction of the International Convention Center and canals would be revived. Thank you. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas


City Government of Cagayan De Oro

November 11 2016 10:06 am

To : DimpleBacus Good Day! We appreciate your feedback. The International Convention Center was built during the time of former Senate Speaker Nene Pimentel. We also hope to see its final completion as this will indeed boost the economic potential not only in that area but the entire region as well. On the matter regarding canals, your message had already been forwarded to the City Engineering Office for appropriate action. The City Government recognizes the importance of infrastructure in bringing about growth and development especially in the countryside. In fact, infrastructure is one of the agenda of the present city administration. Several road projects are currently implemented in various areas of the city. We will keep you posted on the developments. Best regards. Maricel C. Rivera City Inforamtion Officer

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